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Advice on buying and selling property in Newbury, West Berkshire and North Hampshire

Everyone thinks their house is special – and that’s absolutely right. However, if you are thinking of moving there are various things that you should consider:

Are you moving because of job relocation? Many people who move due to work commitments rent a property in the first instance and this is a very good way of getting to know the area and helping you decide where you really would like to live. This is fine for single people and couples but not always ideal if you have children and need to consider schools or if you have pets and find the number of rental properties available somewhat restricted.

Are you considering moving to a smaller property? If you feel your house, or garden, is now too large then it is wise to make the move positively rather than waiting for it to become a necessity. For many people the option of downsizing, living mortgage free, releasing capital and taking time to travel or take up new activities is becoming more and more attractive. If you are looking to remain in the same area then you may well find that a suitable buyer can be identified who will wait for you to find the right property – and although rare these days a ‘house swap’ is still a possibility.

Are you moving to have more space at home? If you like where you live, are happy and settled in the area with children at local schools, have enough garden and a suitable space, why not consider extending your home? The benefits of this are that you save on the costs of moving house (not least the stamp duty you would pay on a purchase), cut down on the upheaval of packing and unpacking and get living space that is exactly what you want.

If you don’t have the space to extend, then moving is inevitably on the cards.

Just want to move? This, in many ways, is the best reason for moving – because you want to! Whatever you’re thinking - to have more space in the house, a larger garden, closer to schools or local facilities, it’s an exciting prospect.

What to do next:
Once the mental decision has been made to move then there are various matters to be considered:

  • Begin the process of choosing the right agent to sell your home and arrange valuations to give you an indication of the price level you are likely to achieve. (Call us on 01635 255501 or complete the form to arrange a valuation of your home)
  • Seek advice early on the level of borrowing you will be able to obtain, this will then determine the price range for your new home.
  • Are there things you need to do to increase the saleability of your property?
  • Do you need to work to specific timescales, i.e. school terms/holidays, or is there a time of year when your house or garden is at its absolute best?

How to choose an agent. Most people will browse the local paper and identify agents who sell properties like theirs. Make sure that you call more than one agent and consider meeting with both independent and corporate agents in order to get as broad a view as possible.

When meeting with the agent think about the questions you would like answered:

  • Will they be available seven days a week for enquiries about your home?
  • Will they accompany all viewings?
  • Will your property be on the leading websites?
  • How will they handle your sale generally?
  • If they talk about the large number of properties they have on their books, consider what competition there will be for your property within their office and also whether they will be able to provide the quality of service you deserve. Quantity is not always quality in this business!

It is vitally important that when a sale is agreed the matter is followed through to completion. Ask about the percentage of failed sales they experience. Anything higher than 10% should be unacceptable to you.

When considering selling a property there are usually two main questions – what’s my house worth and what will you charge to sell it?
If the first figure is high and the second figure low then be wary. Many agents will flatter you by putting a high value on your house to gain the instruction. However, if the property is heavily overpriced then the initial reaction of the market is unlikely to be favourable and your house could sit for some time waiting for a buyer. When you then lower the price prospective buyers often assume that there must be something wrong with the property as it has been on the market for some time and are therefore even more reluctant to view. If an agent offers you a cut-price fee then consider whether they are likely to offer a cut-price service. Can they really manage your property and if they show no strength in maintaining their income will they be equally weak in ensuring that they, and you, get the best possible price for your property?

Having decided which agent to use you will need to think how to optimise the presentation of your property. No doubt your chosen agent will assist in giving advice on this but consider the following:

You don’t get a second chance to create a first impression!

  • First impressions are so important – paint the front door and windows if required and ensure the garden and approaching paths are clean and tidy.
  • A fresh coat of paint in a light neutral shade will make rooms appear larger and brighter.
  • Tidy all rooms and put away as many items as possible so viewers can see the actual size of the rooms, you are selling the space in your home.
  • Clean and tidy the garden of any rubbish, broken garden furniture and pots, cut the grass, and plant out pots with flowers, if necessary, to create a splash of colour.
  • Ensure the kitchen is clean and there is no dirty crockery around. Don’t have any strong cooking smells – use air fresheners if appropriate.
  • Make sure the bathroom is not full of washing, is very clean, and again smells good! If the bathroom suite is very dated it may be a good investment to consider installing a new white suite.
  • If you have lots of furniture and possessions, consider removing some of them into the loft/garage whilst marketing your home.
  • If you have pets, try to ensure that your home doesn’t smell ‘doggy’. Wash their bedding and use air fresheners. It may also be wise to keep them in the garden whilst showing prospective purchasers around – not everyone likes pets!
  • When showing around prospective buyers, put the lights in the house on. This will make darker rooms appear much brighter.
  • Remember, not all people can see the potential in a property – an uncluttered clean house has much more appeal.

Give people reasons to buy your home - rather than excuses not to!

Finally, think about the reasons that you bought the house and why you have enjoyed living there. Talk to your agent about this and make sure that they are aware of your positive input and can use this constructively when talking to prospective buyers. At the same time if there are timescale restrictions, make sure your agent is aware of them from the outset and can agree a sale that accommodates them.



Industry Comment – Q3 2018

It looks like the early Autumn market should be busy with more prime instructions coming on and a good appetite for correctly priced homes in the area.

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